Review 2913

Cats. Photos of cats greet you upon your first visit to Chandra’s Realm. Then you have to hit “Enter” to actually get to the site itself. (Here I was, thinking that the really bad ‘Enter’ trend was over. I was wrong.)

After you ‘enter’ and you get to the first page of Chandra’s Realm, you quickly learn that it really isn’t a blog, not like blogs you are used to seeing. For example, there aren’t daily (or weekly) dated entries right up front, just a bunch of categories in the sidebar with very little cohesion to the site. Wait, hold on, I happened to spy a link in the sidebar to “Blog” where I did find some daily musings by Chandra a la blog, but it is so lost among the clutter of the main page one may never find it.

I honestly can’t nail down what the main site is other than a hodgepodge of links and cat photos. The posts on the first page under “What’s New” are several weeks old and include her “Cause of the Month.” I assume this to be a charity or other cause she feels strongly about–most of them relating to animals (nothing wrong with that).

Chandra has done this site for quite some time, and you can tell she spends lots of time working on it. Reading through the “Blog” link, you can get to know a bit more about Chandra herself, but I find the blog content to be so hidden from view that it’s almost impossible to figure out that it is there at all. Chandra’s Realm

Review 2813

This is my journey… is basically what you get, a personal blog about 23 year old female. She lives in Canada, just brought a new car and her archives go all the way back to September 2002, so there was quite a bit to read!

The blog itself loads up into a nice blue 3 columed blog, with the writing in the middle. The layout of the blog is well done, the links work, the about section gives you an insight into the author.

There were some entry’s that made me smile and other’s that I skimmed through as they just didn’t draw me in. The writing style of the author herself is about her outlooks and thoughts. Some are interesting, other’s just didn’t appeal.

As most personal blog’s I find it hard to keep myself interested as I don’t tend to find much that spikes my interest enough to draw me back. But it’s definately worth a peek-a-boo at if personal blog’s are your thing!this is my journey …

Review 2948

Celebrity Cola was a blog that I had no idea what to expect from. Initial loading of the site let me know that it was on blogger, the template is nice on the eyes, with a whitish background with the text over the top. One thing I don’t like about blogger is the way it lists the entries without actually archiving categorically, it makes for hard reading if you want to read other entries.

The general topic area of this blog covers a big range of subjects. There’s an entry that outlines various places to download mp3’s for example. There are a few entries’ that held my attention, but that’s the problem with news/entertainment/political blogs. I just don’t find that they have enough to keep me reading.

Celebrity Cola has one author, there is no about link that has much information so you don’t really know anything about the author, only that he resides in New York. This blog I believe has a vast audience range, the blogger has unique links that aren’t from the usual news feeds. If you like news/entertainment blogs then feel free to check this one out!Celebrity Cola

Review 2977

To be honest, I am not a fan of religious blogs at all. In fact, I am not a fan of religious people who go about preaching and thinking they are above me just because they do something different on Sunday. I really do not like it when people tell me things like “I know I am going to heaven so I don’t have to worry any more” and “My God is better than your God.” With that said, I figured this blog was going to be something along those lines, even with the title.

Thankfully I was wrong. This blog isn’t about someone preaching their ways to get you to convert, it is as the title says, A Christian who is gay and is confused. The most recent post at the time of this review (entitled Love the sinner, hate the sin) probably sums this blog up the best. The post goes on to explain how some Christians will “Love the sinner, but hate the sin”. It is ok for a Christian to forgive sins such as watching porn, swearing, and others, but if you are gay, that is unforgivable. And thus they came up with “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” The author makes an excellent point in this post when she says: many Christians see being gay as sin… so when they say “I love you, I just hate the sin”, what they end up saying is “I love you; I just hate this massive part of your identity.”

The rest of the posts are of similar nature. They deal with her conflicts of being both a Christian and being gay. This makes for a very interesting look at Christianity. I actually enjoyed this look on it because it actually points out the loopholes with Christianity. Rather than trying to make us, the reader, into Christians, it is simply a place for her to sort through the issues that she is faced with.

The design of this site is a simple blogger template. While its not the greatest it does serve its purpose with this blog. I would like to see this blog expand its content as it is just a blog with nothing else. Sure it is hard to expand, but maybe something like a scripture a week with her take on it and how it affects her.

The site is a newer site with only 22 total posts ranging from August till September. There is room to grow, but then there is also room to get stale. There are no extras on this site as I mentioned and hope that she branches out a little bit. Even for such a young blog, I still was captivated by the content. I give it a 4.25 because it isn’t perfect, but it is definitely worth checking out.

Review 3006

I noticed that Mark was a writer from the beginning by simply checking out his about me area. Then it hit me… I am going to be writing a review for a writer… I immediately did not feel like I was qualified to do this. Being the computer geek that I am, my written ways are not always best. Please forgive me if I botch this, but keep in mind our differences.

The site was pleasing to the eye and was not your typical blogger site. It is a book. A non-traditional book, he calls it a blook. It is a tale of his past being recapped in today’s society. He has visited many of the places in recent years that he had many years ago and tells about the recap. All from the onsite of Bertha (Bertha is the bus that took them for their trip).

This weblog takes you through a period of his life in the ‘70s. him and his friends traveled for a destination. They might not have known exactly where they were going, or why they were going there, but it is the trip that made it worthwhile. He takes you through the exciting times and the ugly times… He also throws in a couple of technical updates, which update the reader on something he left out or forgot about.

The “Blook” is very intriguing and pulls you into to reading through the posts in chronological order as he has them laid out down the right hand side of the blog. You begin reading and it appears that you are reading about a flashback… Then you get a few more posts in and realize what you are reading.

The design is simple and elegant, and fits the tone of the blook.

I would conclude by simply stating that Mark is a writer and is very good at what he does. This blog is simply a narrative of his travels in his younger days recapped through older eyes. I enjoyed the site and feel that everyone should take a stroll over and read awhile. He has some very loyal readers who check back frequently to read the latest chapter of his blook. They leave their comments and beg for more. I rate this blog as a 4.25.