Review 2055

This is a site by a poet. A female poet (or poetess) who believes staunchly in Jane Austen.

With that, one can expect something different, and something different it is. Unlike most blogs that record daily happenings, there are sparsely any records of the writer’s concrete, tangible life. Instead, we follow the writer down abstract paths and hazy visions. You feel like you’re the wall or pillow that the writer talks to when she is alone and yet pretending to be talking to someone else, as you read about her longings to escape. Though it sometimes feels just a little too pretentious, there is an intimacy in her words.

The black-white design of the site is simple and pleasant with nice headings, but the links are somewhat confusing, what with their being all squeezed together and obscurely titled. There’re even links disguised as a whole collage of images. Also, the archive section takes longer than necessary to load. The whole page refreshes itself instead of just the entries section, which is quite annoying. Plus the writer doesn’t blog quite that often.

All said, this is a site different from others, and it is left to individuals to decide whether it is imaginatively beautiful or just fluffy nonsense. I personally enjoyed reading.

the heart of a poet

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