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Sometimes you come across a website that interweaves attractive presentation and creative site design with its commercial components so gracefully that you barely even think of the site as a virtual storefront. Defining Elegance is exactly this sort of site and in my opinion it’s an example of the best way to educate and involve potential customers, as well as encouraging return visits. The overall feeling of the Defining Elegance site is similar to walking through a high-end retail establishment with low-key sales associates who are adept at making your shopping experience as pleasurable as possible.

The site features a comprehensive range of luxury linens, pillows, bedding items, and even curtains and draperies. Whether you are looking to completely redecorate a bedroom or simply add a few high-quality touches you should take a look at what Defining Elegance has to offer you.

In addition to offering luxury linens there are sections of the site devoted to window treatments such as draperies, rugs and lighting, luxury bath items and table linens, and even a gifts and accessories section.

The site layout is split evenly between information about the offerings, as well as attractive photographs of the bedding and other items. Another very smart thing that Defining Elegance has going for it is the very professional short video embedded in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Beyond simple still photographs, a well-produced video like this must serve to increase confidence in any online retailer and it really works for the Defining Elegance site. The site even offers a free decorating e-book as well as a newsletter.

As attractive and professional as the Defining Elegance site is, it’s clearly a site to bookmark for future reference, even if you aren’t shopping today for high-quality linens, bedding or draperies. It does an excellent job of being a one-stop shopping destination for anyone looking for these items, as well as an excellent example of how to correctly construct a commercial site that engages visitors.NULL

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Today’s featured website on The Weblog Review is an outstanding example of the way a local business can project a friendly, competent image that reinforces its brand as a fixture in a community, while at the same time educate visitors to its website on exactly what it does.

Today we take a look at Grove Dental is a dental group that service is the Chicago area, specifically they are a Wheaton, Lombard, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook Dentist that appears to do just about anything an individual or family would need in the way of general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

Naturally local businesses have to distinguish themselves from all the other options that potential customers have in their immediate area, and local dentistry especially is a particularly competitive industry. This website contains several elements that should be utilized nowadays to educate and build trust surrounding the services offered by a business and then make it very simple to convert visitors to the website to clients.

Specifically there is a blog area for this site that serves to notify customers of timely events such as holiday closures or upcoming special deals. There is also plenty of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook integration on which allows people to consume the content contained on it in ways that are comfortable to them and then very easily share their recommendations for this particular dental group on the social media platform of their choice.

I always enjoy reviewing commercial sites that successfully downplay their business side in favor of connecting with their customers, and does an excellent job of emphasizing that connection and inspiring confidence in their dental services in Chicago.NULL