Review 1000

I’ve always thought splash pages were supposed to be a bit flashy, or somewhat of an introduction of the contents of the site you’re about to enter, but at “daydreamy” all you get it the word “enter”. Interesting… but in a good way.

Upon entering the site, the weblog is what you’re met with. The weblog is attractively placed in just a black outlined box. The layout draws your attention to the weblog, which appears to be the purpose of this site.

I like how the author shares daily antecdotes in her writing, and does so in a way that is entertaining. While some of the entries may be long, the read very quickly, and I really felt as if I could picture exactly what was taking place.

A more extensive “about” section would have been ideal, but by reading through months of weblog entries on the site, the reader can grasp a complete idea of what the author is really like.

Definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking to add another weblog to your list of daily reads.


Review 1073

NOTE: Mango Parade has changed into


Closed. The Mango Parade has left the building. The blog seems to be DOA. Hah, this must be a sign I think to myself, seeing as this is my first blog review. Oh no wait, there’s a promise of action on the bottom in little letters. It mentions a new domain. I enter new domain) and prepare to be dazzled.

The arty-farty, scratchy quality to the images and the face of a girl not looking particularly happy on the left-centre makes me automatically think this might be another one of those “I’m a girl and I hate my life and I’m edgy to boot” blogs. I shudder at the thought of having to endure post after post of swearing and how much guys suck. However, the background oozed with cool blue-greeness and since it’s not a gross blue-green tinge I attempted to read the blog.

I feel relieved because the blog is very well written and thoughts are expressed in an articulate and mature manner. Some entries are pretty long but somehow I can’t help but keep reading on. Caitlin mostly writes about her relationships with people, her trying to kick her internet addiction and her beef about her place of employment. It all sounds like regular blog stuff but I’d read 10 days worth of posts in a row and still had the stamina to read a few more.

The layout is simple but classy just like the blog itself. It all works together and it’s easy to navigate around. One major gripe is maybe the font used is too small, it looks very cool with the layout but it made reading that much more difficult.

This blog is best read by people who are between the ages of 15-20’s since individuals in that age range will probably be able to relate to the issues that arise in this blog. I think Caitlin’s blog is certainly worth a closer look.Mango Parade