Review 1154

With a name like Green Fairy, I expected this site to be green. Instead, it’s a calming blue with stars. This journal is anything but calm, however. The writer of Green Fairy is not afraid to tackle controversial issues. Like her or hate her [her link to her hate mail proves that many do], she’s always got an opinion and something thoughtful to say.

The writing at Green Fairy is captivating and thought provoking, and often abrasive. Every once in a while I get the feeling the writer is intentionally trying to get reaction. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but just something noticeable. Overall, this is good writing and an interesting look at the world through someone else’s eyes. Not all posts are about world news – some are just about the writer’s daily life. Regardless of the topic, the entries are always entertaining with excellent links.

The layout doesn’t exactly grab the reader’s attention, but it also doesn’t detract from the writing. It’s a perfectly functional design. Almost all the links work and I didn’t encounter any real problems. I did notice that some of the older graphic links are broken.

Green Fairy doesn’t really have a lot of extras, but it doesn’t really need them. There is an About Me page that isn’t overly informative. There are Forums and a Guestbook. With Green Fairy’s often contentious entries, it might be a good idea to install some commenting entries for specific entries. I would imagine that there could be a lot of great debates going on in her entries, although the Forums serve the same purpose.

Green Fairy is a good read. The writer is opinionated and not afraid of laying it all out for everyone to read. I recommend Green Fairy, and plan to become a regular reader.

green fairy dot com

Review 2069

This is certainly one good blog for true runners worth their salt everywhere. Runners looking for up close and personal information about their hobby as well as those enthusiastic sporters kind looking to find out what a verbose colleague has to say about running in his very own words. Unfortunately, there are not that many blogs out there dedicated to sport, especially the art of running, so this is a refreshing change of pace. It is all about the wonderful sport of running and more, about all aspects related to it in one way or another. Good design, attractive setup with colors that match, balanced entries with just enough information in the sidebars to distract one only very slightly from the main core of the matter: running, running and more running. As the author of this blog says: “don’t walk away from your problems, running is quicker.” He is right, right on the mark. On your mark, get set, go!

You see here alot about running, but not everything. As a self-proclaimed “general manager specialist” of his very own Running Shop, this is what one would expect. Even the normal entries have a tinge of running mania to them, each written in the tone of someone whose life centers around running. For example: overcoming hardships, waiting in anticipation, pulling a muscle in the buttock, hating it when not being able to run for one reason or another. There are also entries covering interesting subjects like what he thinks is the purpose of running, why people do that to themselves, the good ideas you come up with when running, and when running takes the back seat due to aggravating injuries. Yet the bothersome injuries must be overcome in the end in order to continue on the road to success.

Especially original is the so-called “Pain of the Month” link which as the name implies gives schematic information about some ache or injury that can afflict runners everywhere. The priformis muscle gets pulled, trigger points scintillating pain, and the good old sciatic nerve which gets pinched the wrong way. Ouch. Good and educational stuff here. Other running-related links are few but worth the visit, the picture gallery is incomplete, and the inspirational picture is a little too small to get inspired about (wouldn’t it be nice to make it click-able and zoom it?).

While this is a relatively new blog which just started in October of this year, I have the impression that it is has potential and will be growing soon. All the runners I have ever known have been very enthusiastic about their sport, just like this runner turned blogger. While the hit count is still relatively small, I expect that once the real runners out there get a taste of this site they will come running in droves. This is a good blog which needs to grow, with the determination of a long-distance marathon runner. This blog gets an above-average rating from me, but could do with some improvements as it grows and becomes more and more successful. Blogging is one long marathon.runnerblog