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Moon Costumes supplies adult and kid’s costumes, holiday costumes, ‘cosplay’, holiday costumes, outfits for magic and clowns, and all sorts of costume accessories such as makeup and tattoos, masks, hats and wigs, props and decor, party supplies, and even costumes for pets and team mascots. They have over 10,000 costumes and masks for sale on their website. Talk about one-stop shopping!

In addition to selling costumes for parties, Halloween, and to people who simply like to dress creatively, the Moon Costumes site caters to the costume subculture, and the company behind it has the foresight to do more than just sell to its customers. The blog attached to the website keeps them updated with all sorts of timely information on the subject of costumes. You see this more and more with commercial sites: savvy online retailers understand that they have the makings of a online community in the shared interests of their visitors, so they cater to those visitors even when they’re not actively engaged in buying. The operators of these sites are usually quite passionate about the niche products they sell, so not surprisingly they become authorities on the culture to which they supply their products.

As I looked through Moon’s Costume blog, I realized what an enormous industry surrounds costumes for adults and children: by no means do people rent or buy costumes only for Halloween nowadays! Clearly for many people, elaborate dress-up games are a way of life.

This blog has many reviews of industry events like costume trade shows, conventions and competitions, from all over the world, and I know I was surprised at just how many of them there are. YouTube videos are liberally featured, which makes sense for a visually-oriented site. One large source of interest in costumes is Japanese anime, which has been hugely popular around the world for many years. Anime fans put a lot of time into incredibly creative and often outrageous costumes. In the ‘cosply’ area, the Moon Costumes blog has a huge selection of outfits that people who are passionate about anime will appreciate.

The Moon Costumes company is a family-owned business, and they have created a website that is a comprehensive online supplier of costumes and outfits for every occasion. It’s also an online destination for the latest news and information about the costume industry, and the latest outfit designs.

Very good design, excellent overall execution!NULL

Review 3634

The What Am I here For (WAIHF) blog has as its tagline ‘daily reflections on meaning and purpose in life’. This site is an excellent example of the power of blogging technology in 2011 to allow individuals anywhere to publish thoughtful musings online for the entire world to read.

Arik Dondi, the owner and writer for WAIHF, is a sensitive and thoughtful person who is daring to tackle big questions such as what it means for someone to make a good choice, and what it means to live life with purpose.

I imagine that Dondi’s idea for this site is to connect with people on a deeper level than do sites concerned simply with what one thinks of a movie he saw recently or favorite recipes. It is a lofty goal but clearly Dondi isn’t concerned if some people won’t share his sense of introspection because I think he realizes that among readers that do “get it”, he could very well be creating a small community of like-minded people.

WAIHF was created with, which is a terrific tool that allows people who have no interest in spending too much time on blogging technology to create perfectly functional and attractive websites so that they can simply get started writing about the subjects in which they are interested.

What Am I Here For is the sort of site we could visit on a regular basis, in moments when we have some downtime and perhaps are more attuned to the ‘Big Picture’. As I read over several articles on the site I thought that a new reader might be inspired and less reluctant to create a similar site himself.

If you are interested in philosophical musings not too far removed from everyday life, I’d recommend taking a look at the What Am I Here For blog to connect with a kindred spirit and maybe even get a little clarity on your own life.