Review 303

First off, I would not have been able to see this site at all if I didn’t change the ‘C’ in ‘calvin’ in the address to a lower-case ‘c’.

Calvin’s Corner started with a disclaimer. This disclaimer immediately put me on the defense, before I even entered the site. Being told that I shouldn’t complain or be offended by the design was quite humorous, considering the main site popped up in a non-resizable window that wouldn’t fit the content without scrolling left and right. As the disclaimer stated, I would have happily clicked “on the ‘x’ in the top right corner,” but alas, I have no ‘x’ in my top right hand corner. In fact, I have no ‘x’ in either corner, being on a Mac.

Nevertheless, I started reading through the weblog, which seemed to be a collaboration between Calvin and Randy. The weblog entries were not very interesting, mostly being short comments about recent events.

I went to the “About” section, realizing I had no Back button to get me to the front again. Having to command-click to navigate is a pain. I left the site and slid over to my PC to give it a shot, hoping that the site had been designed to work better in Windows.

Unfortunately, the PC window was the same: too small to fit the content, not resizable, and no nav buttons. I didn’t even bother checking out the rest of the site.

Maybe I should have listened to the disclaimer.Calvins Corner V3

Review 377

I began to review this weblog in earnest

until I discovered that the author did

it very succinctly for me. Behold:

“It’s basically nothing more but a list

of ramblings about the crap of my life.

The only reason I’m keeping it personal

is because 1) If I posted it here, no

one would understand half of what I was

saying. 2) Lots of ppl from RL have

started to visit my blog and that makes

me paranoid of what I write”

The random jibber-jabber/thought ratio

leans WAY towards the jibber-jabber. It

is as if the author is having a frenetic

verbal conversation with herself where

every neural impulse is deemed worthy of


Graphically, the site is really very

slick. I’d go so far as to say

beautiful. The anime graphic is fun, the

navigation is minimal, clear, and easy.

The white text on the dark blue

background is a bit hard to read.

My advice for this weblog: before

typing, consider if it’s worth reading.

fin.Through Seraph’s Eyes