Review 273

Having noticed that it’s called I have to say I was expecting something pink and from the mind of a 12-year-old, but once I had opened the page I was pleasantly surprised to find there was no pink in sight and definitely no Barbie’s, that’ll teach me to be so judgemental without looking first. The title “; not what you bargained for” certainly summed up how I felt after seeing the site.

The text was fairly hard to read even when I reset my browser to largest, after a while it began to hurt my eyes so much I had to take a break and go back to it later on.

However, the last “blog” update was on the 7th, however looking back I noticed the entries were usually daily, most were interesting and descriptive, I especially liked the way she described how her life had no direction “The best way to describe it would be to imagine a leaf blowing through the breeze. The breeze carries it off, taking the leaf where ever it fancies.”

The layout was simple and plain, no images to be seen, which made a change from some of the slow loading graphic packed sites, however simplistic it appeared the entries more than made up for that.

I really enjoyed reading this it made a refreshing change to find a very good writer, very good, keep up the good work.

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