Review 332

A great problem for a lot of blogs is content. What to write when there are already so many blogs covering the same material in the same manner?

The problem is further magnified by the idea of running a group blog. Do you devote web real estate to internal conversations, or do you try to construct something that can be more readily enjoyed by the world at large?

Grog Me!, a weblog strangely void of Monkey Island references, is an example of the latter case. The blog content is atypical, with themed posts each week instead of a dry treatment of the writers’ lives.

In general the idea works well, with the week’s topic posted at the top of the page clear for all to see, so that a new visitor to the site can easily grasp what’s going on, without having to resort to scrambling around for an ‘About’ section.

As a pleasant change of pace, there are more blog-typical posts around, but it is good to see a site with a devotion to themed content.

How successful the approach will be in the future, when the number of themes begins to run low, is open to debate.

For now, at least, the number of opinions and perspectives on show is thoroughly entertaining, making the site as a whole a refreshing experience.Grog me!

Review 273

Having noticed that it’s called I have to say I was expecting something pink and from the mind of a 12-year-old, but once I had opened the page I was pleasantly surprised to find there was no pink in sight and definitely no Barbie’s, that’ll teach me to be so judgemental without looking first. The title “; not what you bargained for” certainly summed up how I felt after seeing the site.

The text was fairly hard to read even when I reset my browser to largest, after a while it began to hurt my eyes so much I had to take a break and go back to it later on.

However, the last “blog” update was on the 7th, however looking back I noticed the entries were usually daily, most were interesting and descriptive, I especially liked the way she described how her life had no direction “The best way to describe it would be to imagine a leaf blowing through the breeze. The breeze carries it off, taking the leaf where ever it fancies.”

The layout was simple and plain, no images to be seen, which made a change from some of the slow loading graphic packed sites, however simplistic it appeared the entries more than made up for that.

I really enjoyed reading this it made a refreshing change to find a very good writer, very good, keep up the good work.

Review 283

First of all, I reviewed this site because I didn’t want someone who didn’t know anything about feminism to go in there and be like “Dude, this bitch is crazy.” And I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of feminists give off the “feminazi” impression, when asserting their beliefs. But this site was rather refreshing. The author writes well, and brings up many introspective points. The design itself is a bit dated, but doesn’t detract from the content, which is good. The site provides a lot of links to issues in the news, involving federal funding for viagra to women’s sports. She supports her assertions with these links and articles, which is really cool. Very well written, and definitley informative. It’s an interesting twist on a weblog, because it’s more about the author’s beliefs than her daily life. If you aren’t some misogynistic male, i’d definitley recommend that you visit this site. The Feminist Blog

Review 222

First thing you notice is the layout. The layout works nicely. The colors match, etc. The text is easy to read. The information is in catagories and not on one page.

Second thing is the content. The content is random.. I couldn’t find myself reading most of it. Some of its funny, some of it I have no interest at all.the only gay eskimo

Review 54

This is the first video game weblog that I have seen and it is really good. It takes all the aspects of a good video game site (reviews of games) and combines it with a weblog appeal. The site is very easy to use and navigate as they just redesigned it for that purpose. And like most video game sites it of course has a pop up for advertising, but thankfully it is a back pop up so you really don’t know its there until you close your browser.

The writing is very good and clean. Like it needs to be for this type of site. I really enjoyed reading this site as it made want to go play some of my old games that I have just sitting here. So if you like video games and weblogs, here is the site for you.The OG Dojo