Review 257

First off, it’s easy to see that this website has an amazing layout. The design is both simple and complex at the same time: it has various colours working in the scheme and a Photoshopped-up graphic of Xander and Wesley of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The navigation is simple and easy to follow.

The blogging — notably the most important feature — is entertaining and brief. It allows the reader a glance into the daily life of the writer without droning on with useless detail. The site follows in the true tradition of “weblogging” by linking fellow internet junkies and casting out blurbs of daily life.

The blog also contains links to other places of joy-filled Internet fun — favourite websites/blogs, musical tastes of the moment, and cliques to which the writer belongs.

Overall, the design may be more interesting than the blog at times, but this is due to what seems to be the honesty of the writer and nothing more. A truly well-done weblog.About A Girl

Review 203

Warning warning! This is an adult blog! It is for those who hate those blogs written by 12-year old pubescent girls who can only talk about Nsync concerts and always write with lots of exclamation marks. It is written by an adult and deals with various topics in a calm adult manner. Which should just about piss off most blog readers.

The author of is Alex, a New Yorker born and bred. He lives there with his German girlfriend, Conny. They came to some repute recently when Evhead published a letter Conny wrote to Ev on the Blogger front page. She wrote how they both met when Conny became a reader of

The blog chronicles Alex’s adventures in New York from stories on errant cabbies to everyday city politics and how they affect him. It also chronicles Alex’s other hobbies which include *ahem* sado-masochism. Yes, that’s right. Sado-masochism. Whips, chains, that sort of thing. It isn’t as graphic as you might think. You’re not going to lose your lunch over it because Alex writes in a thoughtful and analytical manner.

If you’d like to get away from the usual kind of blogs, and want to read something substantial, this is probably the best place to go.

Review 61

Don’t even bother reading this review. Just go to the site as fast as you can. This site dwarfs any other site that I have read, seen, reviewed, what not.

First lets talk about the design of this site. Very clean and crisp. This guy knows what he is doing. If I was to just go in and take someone’s design (something people did like 6 years ago), this would be the one. Everything about the look fits, and it just looks awsome.

Now there is the content. Man, this guy has content galore. And I am not talking crappy links, lots of stupid stuff, but actual content that is worth reading. He really takes the time to figure out what he is going to say and says it well.

Finally there is what I like to call “bonus features”. These are things outside of the normal weblog. I typically don’t go into these areas of sites because lets be honest, this is a weblog review, not a website review. But this guy deserves the royal treatment. He has everything from fan signs to games to wallpaper to you name it, he probably has it. Fan signs you are asking? Yeah this guy is so cool that he has people submit fan signs to him! That is like every webloger’s dream.

Overall this is the best weblog I have gotten to review. I said in the review of Poofle that it would be hard to take it out of the top spot for humor. Well this site will be hard to take out of the top spot period.digital5k

Review 60

The colors were bright and slightly overwhelming, your standard blogger layout but with added colors.

A fairly standard blog , with not much to do , a small section devoted t learning about the person behind the words.

Overall an average read.whizzbang

Review 53

A well thought out design, navigation was simple and the colours compliment each other well .

A variety of things to do other than view her blog, mostly to do with finding out more about the face behind the words.

Overall a nice design and blog with an excellent balance of things to do, definetely worth another look.

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