Review 218

The design is simple, yet effective (it doesn’t, however, carry particularly well across the rest of the site, which is quite expansive). The design works best when it is offset by the black and white photos down the side; these aren’t present on the blog so it makes the end result a little too drab.

However, the good blog content makes up for this. It is easy to read and entertaining. Unfortunately the site as a whole suffers from certain idiosyncracies.

First of all, the Author section has bold text in orange – the same colour as the links themselves, only this time they aren’t links. The navigation is at times awkward, with the scrollbars on the drop down list occasionally disappearing, and one or two dead links.

Other than that, if the main reason for visiting the site was to read the blog, you won’t be

Review 228

The design at this site is excellent. The colours and graphics all combine to wonderful effect, and the logo is particularly inspiring. An extra nice touch is that it is right-aligned; this separates the appearance from many of the blogs out there.

The only complaint I have is with the text size, which, although I could read it clearly, might prove difficult with older viewers. It would have been useful if the font size could be controlled by the browser.

The site is effectively blog-only; the “about” section is wrapped up in the header, and the links to other places onsite are quite far down the screen. This further highlights how blog-centric the design is.

The content itself is good, although once again it would be a benefit to the reader to know the author in real life. This isn’t a problem though because the majority of posts can be enjoyed by all.World Crisis

Review 30

I had a hard time getting into this site. To me it was just another personal blog that depicts what is going on in the person’s life. Nothing spectacular with design, nothing that really sticks out as a definate ‘I must read this site daily’, but it could be good for a once or twice a week read. There are some very amusing reads as in the internet spam emails and how that goes into another subject, but nothing out of the ordinary here.joshery

Review 19

Veggie 2001! The name says it all. You’ll totally like this site if you’re a vegetarian or want to know more about what it’s like to be one. The layout is very nice and well organized making it easy to navigate through. On the blog page, they got some “veg*n news” and also the thing that I personally liked the most was the list of definitions of different types of vegetarians. They also have recipes, which is nice too. The posts are mostly about what’s tasty, what’s not and also some news related to the world of vegetarianism. Over all, a nice site. Will definitely make you a bit hungry!The Veg Blog

Review 38

I stumbled across this blog a few weeks ago. Notorious, the writer is a male from LA who tends to focus his site his emotions and feelings about being a gay male. His site is very simple with just his posts and an email. What I like most about this site is his honesty about what he goes through.. I also like he has a header on his posts which makes it nice for the reader to know what he’s going to be talking about. Anyway, I’m sure anyone, straight, gay, lesbian or whatever can relate to his feelings in one way or another and I’m sure you’ll find some interesting reading at his site. Especially his conversation with his mom about celibacy: “Why don’t you just masturbate?” “No you didn’t. I’m so mad that you’re talking to me about this, mom. You’re chasing me around with a pitch fork.” Hehe.E-motions