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Lewis E. Moten III surely hit the jackpot with this blog! When I opened his blog, I observed a very nice looking blog and assumed that it may be a great look to cover up some writing disabilities but man, was I wrong!

I initially expected some boring life story type entries with very little flair because, I am overly cynical. What I found was a blog that not only looks good but, reads just as well. It appears as though Lewis actually takes the time to think out his entries before putting them to type. I found some humor in a few of the entries, which is rare for this type of personal blog, in my opinion.

The design is remarkable and even has a feature to change the template on the fly. You simply find the drop-down box on the right side of the page and select the theme you want to view while reading Lewis’s blog and you’re set to go. Personally, I like the “Yule” theme since I’m in the holiday spirit right now. All of the other themes are great as well! I think all of the themes work very well and do not distract from the blog itself.

Lewis took the time to list several helpful links to scripts, blog tools and other nice resources to assist the blogger. He tops it all off with the infamous “Free iPods” link which, is really a good deal and folks have actually gotten these things for free!

I would definitely recommend Lewis’s blog to anyone for some great personal reading and it’s appropriate for work as well as home viewing.

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