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The name ‘Fag Files’ evokes certain imagery without even needing to open the index page. I think that’s the specific purpose of such a name. Perhaps the owner, Rob, is saying that he is a no BS kind of guy and what you see is what you get.

My first impressions were fairly accurate as I read on about Rob’s day to day life in Seattle. He actually reminds me of a few friends of mine, which I found familiar and inviting. Rob speaks often of his partner, his dogs, and a regular domestic existence. Injected into the entries is Rob’s own brand of sometimes sarcastic, but very enjoyable, humor. He has original opinions about various topics, all of which are educated and well thought out. Rob has no inhibitions about letting the web know exactly who he is, right down to some quite personal bits. Shh.

The design of The Fag Files is simple, functional, and basically well done. The colors are soft and the graphics provide interest with their industrial feel. The layout is consistent and the navigation is very user friendly. I think the ‘marquee’ looking font is especially appropriate to accompany Rob’s time in the spotlight.

In addition to his absorbing weblog, Rob has added his own photographs for our viewing pleasure. I found the photos to be well composed and full of pleasing form. The subject matter ranges from industrial cityscapes to lovely rural scenes. In my opinion, Rob has a certain elegance when handling his camera, and a great deal of creative potential.

The Fag Files has appeal to any open minded adult and is worth visiting again and again. Rob is a likeable average guy with a head full of fascinating things. Within his log, Rob has managed to convey himself as caring, funny, and, in this reviewer’s opinion, cute to boot.

The Fag Files

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