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I’m not quite sure where to begin. The Thought-Space is, by far, one of the most intense sites I’ve ever had the fortune to come across. Please allow me to stumble my way through my thoughts about it.

This is a site unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Gabriel is a person who is living with MPD (multiple personality disorder) and has many personalities living within his body (he discusses and explains this much more eloquently than I can, so please refer to his site for a better explanation), stemming from abuse in his childhood. From what I gather on his very thorough and detailed site, he has had a very traumatic past, including the loss of his children. He is married and seems to be very much in love with his wife.

There is a great deal of history contained within his journal. Due to the emotional level of the subject matter, I was unable to read a lot of it at any one sitting, but everything I read took hold of my interest and didn’t let go. Archives are available (since January 1999) and will, no doubt, take the reader further into Gabriel’s intricate world.

Design-wise, this is a stunning site. The color scheme is soft and muted, and everything is organized in a manner that is logical and flowing.

I fear that my words have not properly conveyed my thoughts on this site. Please visit this site ad view for yourself the very interesting world that Gabriel lives in. It’s not a site for those who are easily offended or do not handle delicate subject matter very well, but if you’re interested in learning about MPD from a very personal viewpoint, I think you’ll appreciate this site.

The Thought-Space

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