Review 997

Starkdavingmad is a classic and well done vanity site with a blog attached. Besides the weblog it has a variety of other sections to explore (bio, FAQ, pictures, guestbook, work projects, etc.). The author even has a long discussion of the Star Wars movie series. My first impression was a pleasant one.

Although, the blog is largely a day in the life of kind of diary it is well written and easy to read. The links and other sections all work well and are interesting. The problem is the subjects are rather pedestrian. If you like reading about other peoples lives then this site one of the better ones -the writing is clean and crisp and covers a range of subjects (technology, work, family, movies, games, etc.) but the author rarely wrestles with any larger issues outside of himself. If you are looking for more than a interesting diary, there is little to find.

Starkdavingmad is a clever, well written, well designed, diary and vanity site for a 27 year old of Korean heritage finding his way in California – his family, his career, his tastes. If you enjoy following such a life than this site is for you. Personally, I enjoyed reading about “David” and wish him well.


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