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At first glance, Benboy Studios gave no real hint as to the identity of the author or the content of the site. There was a rather mysterious appeal as I clicked on my chosen destination.

I began my journey by reading about Benboy himself. He’s a regular 20-something guy from the Philippines who designs web sites for a living. He has a fantastic sense of humor, (I chuckled multiple times) likes sports, (especially snowboarding) and works hard. I found his blog entries entertaining and well written. There is a lot of mention about his career life, but even that is capable of holding reader’s attention do to Ben’s writing style. He genuinely cares about the people he writes about in his blog and includes pictures of some of them for an added touch.

The design of Benboy Studios is fantastic. The lines are clean and the colors are easy on the eyes, if a bit dark. The simple images that have been sprinkled about the pages, including pictures of Ben, give the site a very professional look. (Go figure.) Ben doesn’t like it very much, but artists are always their own worst critics.

In addition to a well written blog, Ben has provided an extensive ‘About’ page and links to various other sites. You can also find his professional portfolio, wallpaper, and quite a bit more.

Benboy Studios is a blog for just about everyone. Web Designers and Sports Enthusiasts, especially, would have a great time browsing through Ben’s archives and exploring his site. This is certainly a blog worth reading and I look forward to future additions.


benboy studios

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