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So you see, there is this Teddy Bear, yes you heard me right, that stuffed animal we all love and cherish. This cute adorable Teddy Bear gets sent all over the place, in fact it is now making its way across the world as I pen these very words of wisdom. You see, Teddy started out from way far away in Scarborough England, and he has made a perilous journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Ohio, Oregon, Texas. He is now resting for a time in Vermont. Teddy is coming and going.

On the weblog you can see proof of these travels in the form of lots of pictures. There is Teddy sitting down, there he is wearing a cute straw hat, and there he is again with Winnie the Pooh in has lap! Teddy is very photogenic for a stuffed animal. There are even more of these kinds of action photos for your pleasure. In various poses and positions, very cute. That is, if you are really into Teddy Bears you might like this site. This weblog is part of a webring dedicated to postal workers all over the world. Let’s reward these hard working folks by sending them Teddy Bears.

If you find this confusing because you speak another language, no problem, just click on one of the links to get the site translated into German, Portuguese, French or Spanish. If your mother tongue is something else, do not worry because more than likely you understand the universal Teddy Bear language. For each hotspot in the world, there is a link that brings up a short report about his adventures there with more pictures as proof. There is even a map of the world showing where Teddy has been.

Would you like to have a Teddy Bear sent to you? If so, then you can sign yourself up on a list, but you have to be a postal worker. Sorry to let you down, but those are the rules. Believe it or not, there are already no less than ten enthusiastic people out their just dying to get their hands on this cuddly little furry creature, take pictures of him.

I was letdown a little that there wasn’t more to read about, something deeper. Triggered by the pictures, I was hoping that there was some more depth, witticism or whatever. But I do not believe that that was the purpose of this place. I was easily bored, but that is because my interests lie elsewhere. Maybe I am just limited.

For a weblog you could say this provides an original idea. There is potential, but as far as weblog entries are concerned, and the actual content, there is not that much new and exciting. Sorry if I am offending all you Teddy Bear lovers out there. That is the farthest thing from my mind right now. But I feel you could even go so far as to say this is a little boring. Unless of course you like Teddy Bears, like them alot. If not then I am afraid this weblog is not for you. Maybe in a year or two when Teddy Bear has traversed the Earth more, collected a long list of exotic places, crisscrossing the world, the weblog will be more impressive.Isabella’s Teddy’s Travels.

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