Review 984

“Untitled” honor the name of the site. The three authors are somehow young, although their ages are not stated anywhere they said “we are kids”, and somehow lost on the purpose of the weblog. One of them actually said it: “There is no goal for this project, but to get hits” … hard to get hits without a goal. So they use words writing with no sense to attract people through the search engines.

They categorized themselves as “news commentary” and “movie reviews” but personal events of the daily life and school stuff are all over, and movie reviews constitute just very few post. There are, also, comments and links to articles with teens interests like Britney Spears, or women semi-dressed.

It is also said the site is “humorous satirical”, which in their minds mean cursing and insulting … a lot. The writing, although meant to be funny, is not. Is more teen bla bla bla trying to get attention.

Untitled has the comments facility but not lot of comments actually.

On other hands Kelvin records all kind of excuses when he doesn’t post, like “I haven’t been updating. My social demands of life have taken over my online ‘priorities’”, or, “My presence here has been next to none but I assure you I have good reason for my absence, I have been having a life”, or, “I know that none of you care, but I haven’t been posting lately” … too many excuses for the little absences, that usually don’t go over a day or two.

The other two members of the site post very little, but their post follow the general pattern of teen topics and bad mouthed language.

The site has a clean design. Easy to navigate, and that is it. Not very much to offer.

Not suited for very young audience, lots of bad words going on and statements like “idol: Adolf Hitler”. And the disclaimer states they are not responsibly for anything they said. Bad example.


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