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The first thoughts I had when visiting this site was this: who in their right mind would ever name their weblog “FUH-Q dot COM?” There is this big-breasted, beautiful, enticing babe holding a black cat seductively in her lap. Of course, my curiosity is my master, and I click through the picture in order to enter this site. I am taken to the sub-directory called “pissed” and the entry for the day falls under the category “same shit, different day.” Her banner contains statements like “everything’s so blurry,” “everyone’s so fake,” “everyone’s empty,” “everything is messed up,” and “can you take it all way?” Whoa and watch out, cover your ears and eyes, and be daring if you can.

Let me be perfectly honest. This weblog is definitely NOT for the light-hearted among us. Serra’s use of language can be brutal and may offend people. She often sounds angry, but there are occasional entries that shine through. Personally, I found it refreshingly open and direct, because I value honesty very highly no matter what the extreme character it may assume. If however you are easily affronted by foul language combined with extreme openness, then it is probably better that you continue your blogging journeys elsewhere.

There are alot of writings and links on a daily basis, dating back to January of this year (when she got fired). Despite the somewhat angry mood of this weblog, the general design of the site is quite good. Dark blue induces the correct mood of this weighty site, and the mixtures of colors make the reading easy going on the eyes. The navigation around the site is nothing less than perfect, and the visitor can get around everywhere without a problem.

So we have a mixture of moods, ups and downs, a mental roller coaster ride. Serra swings from entries titled “Very angry,” “I feel strange,” “This is a fucked up world” and “So lost” back over to those more positive ones covering topics like “It’s all good,” “Yes I’m fine,” “Lazy days.” She has even written some poetry: “Darkness,” “Forget” and “Don’t.” The pendulum swings back and forth.

Here is an interesting entry I found which is appropriate to the general mood that Serra portrays. “I want to be famous so bad that it isn’t funny. I guess it all stems from where I had a very unhappy and lonely childhood. I didn’t have hardly any friends, no real family, and no romantic life. It appeals to me so much, because I would love for everyone to love me and I would love to make someone happy just by letting them touch my hand.” She writes about her rough life and how she was able to overcome many obstacles, and there is a detailed description about depression and how to deal with it. She tries her very best to sound positive, and it is obvious that she is making progress.

A nice extra feature of this weblog is the forum for which one can register, and in many ways this makes it more of a discussion site than a weblog. I registered and there were no problems. Two other folks were online when I was logged in, so there is some activity, though limited. There are alot of other registered fellow-members. You can also have the opportunity to submit your own stories, but unfortunately this page is empty (for now).

This site is very difficult to review considering its dark mood. One has the natural tendency to feel personally affronted and negative. However, I sense that this is to a large degree what Senna wants to accomplish. She does it on purpose. She grabs your attention, but she also holds onto it. You are so caught up in her many words that if you are not careful you get carried along with her on this fantastic roller coaster ride. So in that regard, I have to congratulate her on doing a good job and accomplishing this difficult task. This is the task with which all bloggers are confronted, and each must find their own personal way to overcome it. Yes, I can recommend this site, but do not cover your ears or your eyes, and be daring.Fuh-q dot com

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