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Welcome to Trendy To The Max, a site about every single possible detail of Tina’s 18-year-old life. Well make that everything about her day and nothing really much about the girl herself, as I searched through the site trying desperately to find out a little about this teenager before I started reading the blog. Obviously not trying to give too much away about herself (which I find strange in sites where they talk religiously about their day) all I know is that she’s 18 and from Missouri, and maybe that’s all I really need to know?

The site layout isn’t too bad, very simple, and easy to read though I found the green background with orange writing a little sore on the eyes after 10 minutes or so. The blog is an endless stream of entries, 3, 4 even 5 entries per day which means a week can take up a fair amount of room thus the site ended up being rather large on the content side of things. Trendy To The Max is however archived weekly, so I can’t really make too much of an issue out of this, but perhaps this should be changed to bi-weekly to help keep the size of the blog to a more readable limit. Also capital letters, why does it seem like they don’t exist on some sites? Is this fashionable? I find it terribly annoying.

The blog itself is a tad confusing, perhaps you need to be a long time reader to follow it, but its almost like its too personal, as names crop up, not to mention odd comments which have absolutely no meaning if your a first time reader like myself. Be that as it may, she does make for some brief areas of interesting reading and every now and then after reading a blog I shake my head with agreement.

Overall I can’t help but feel more could be added to this site. A bio, some links, and perhaps a little less green wouldn’t go astray. I don’t feel compelled to want to go back and read it again, its like entering a movie that’s half finished, you really can’t get into it without knowing how it started and quite frankly I quickly got bored.

trendy to the max

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