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With the ‘neal curley dot com’ website, Neal has created a combination journal/photolog under the motto of “if I were famous you would care.” This is just his response to the myraid of weblogs out there that don’t have any purpose and kind of blend in with everything else, just like his weblog. He is “almost” fifteen years old, and he has been writing on his very own domain which he received on his fourteenth birthday. Neal’s hobbies include web design and photography. This weblog is a pleasure to read, contains lots of navigational pathways leading one to just about every corner of the site.

This is about the life of a typical high school teenager who is into web design, travelling, blogging (of course), business, film and television production, photography, politics, ad infinitum. Most of this can be found somewhere on his extensive site. Neal considers the purpose of blogging to be nothing more than “random and odd observations of life, photos.” What really stands out is Neal’s work with high-definition digital media, and this is what makes his weblog shine. There are nice high-quality pictures of nature and cities, sharp and colorful. Philadelphia in black and white. There are also links to other fine photo sites he has created. I especially enjoyed the galleries called “Sunny in June” and “August in New York.” The links to other websites he has created (seven no less) add even more color, mostly covering his various adventures and experiments in the world of modern photography.

There are plenty of links covering a broad area of interests. You get the feeling of reading, listening and watching, with an occasional oddly fascinating section of bizarre items and funny pictures taken from various news sources. You can also take part in various polls (he tries to impress you with his Latin by calling them “vox populi”) and for the poll “If I was a confusing Chinese proverb, I would be…” I went for “When walking through a melon patch, don’t adjust your sandals.”

The drab grey background, while allowing the text entries stand out alright, is not deserving of the photo galleries which yearn for a more professional-looking backdrop. Try to fix this Neal and your site will be even better.

The ‘neal curley dot com’ website is smooth going. Neal pursues his creativeness with both feet on the ground, and the entries are updated on a regular basis. A natural progression from here to there, with colorful pictures to spice up your mood. Nice going Neal, cannot wait to see what you have to offer for your fifteenth birthday.neal curley dot com

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