Review 946

Care for some Snyder Cider? While the bottle portrays a ‘poison’ logo and to anyone with reasonable sense would warn them not to drink — I enjoyed the ‘cider’ quite a bit anyway.

Meet Snyder Mahler, the webmaster of Snyder Cider and the main character of this web log. He’s an interesting guy with lots to say. With a seemingly good personality and large charisma, it isn’t difficult to read his web log and enjoy every bit of it.

The design of Snyder Cider is simple and he seems to make the best of the Blog*Spot template that he uses.

This web log, in short, is a good read. While Mr. Snyder leaves quite a bit, off on some new task of his, he does provide good reading while he’s there. And in his absence, he has a few friends that fill in for him … they’re not bad either.

So this web log gets a 4.0 — and rightfully so.Snyder Cider

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