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Jei, the webmaster of “Time’s Scar” is someone that had me interested right away in her introduction …

“jei is a 13 year old girl who was brought out of the darkness on april 30, ethnically 1/3 jap and 2/3 flip and resides in the philippines. she is very introverted, avoidant, goth, alternative and geeky. she passes time with anime, video games, webdesigning, listnening to all kinds of music that appeals her and drawing. she hates jerks and bitches, no exceptions. she loathes teenybopperism. and most especially, she despises being controlled. she’s a free spirit, remember that. and remember, silence is holy.”

I like this girl (or the girl she portrays on her website) and love the website that is Time’s Scar.

The design for Time’s Scar is truly unique and I adore originality. Normally I don’t much care for Anime-inspired designs but she pulls this one off nicely.

I like Jei’s writing; it’s more real and less scripted than other web logs I’ve read in her age group. I, being the self absorbed person I am, think that Jei writes a bit like me and for that reason, I enjoyed her writing quite a bit.

All of this sums up to a 4.5. Why not a 5? Jei seems to deter readers from really seeing into her and although she does this well, I can’t rightfully give her a 5; I give 5’s to people who really create a window into their personality and inner feelings. You may think that’s a lot to ask of a web log but as a web log reviewer and fan, I think web logs are capable of such reflection.Time’s Scar

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