Review 944

Jenny is a Libra. However, she takes on the nickname “Gemini” and I couldn’t think of a better one for her. Gemini’s are notorious, it seems, for having split personalities. I was truly lost in this web log because virtually every entry is different in the feeling it portrays. What all these entries have in common is that they are all written by the same person, oddly enough.

This web log would be diagnosed with a split personality disorder if such a diagnoses was possible. Jenny is crazy and I like it. Her posts range from the very extreme and back again. This site takes you on a roller coaster ride through the many feelings and emotions that make up one mind.

I was tempted to check this as a ‘group log’ but held back.

The design for “Gemini” is okay. There are some flaws and it’s not so easy to view but is manageable.

This web log has something for everyone and is worth your time. Enjoy.Gemini

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