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Libertarian Samizdata? The name is a clue that you are not entering a teen blog on Brittany Spears. No, this is a site about politics – actually if you read deep enough it is about the libertarian meta-context – but stick with me.

The subject matter is politics and culture from a libertarian perspective. The overall libertarian slant, however, does not stop the blog from being interesting. They cover subjects ranging from gun control, economic policy, and the theoretical underpinnings of various political groups to popular culture, sex and pornography, and the personal travails of the bloggers.

Speaking of the posters, they come from all over the world – the main group are in London but they have posters from Belfast, Croatia, and NJ to name a few. One particular poster Natalija Radic, a feisty Croatian, is particularly interesting as she posts evocative pictures of herself at various social functions. She certainly spices up the posts – her non-photo based posts are interesting as well; especially to those of us reading stateside as we get little news with a Croatian perspective. Overall, the writing is good and the subject is interesting and varied.

Although the site is basically a hybrid Blogspot template it is designed well and easy to read. There are links for each post and it is easy to identify when the posts were posted and by whom. They integrate graphics and pictures throughout to add visual interest. There are handy explanations on the left hand side and a host of good links to both other blogs and more libertarian sites.

If you are interested in international politics, foreign affairs, philosophy, and the adventures of an international cast of bloggers than Libertarian Samizdata is interesting and thought provoking. If you are a diehard libertarian – why aren’t you reading this already? If politics bore you it might not be the site for you. Overall, I think it is worth regular visits because even if you don’t agree with them they are almost always interesting.Libertarian Samizdata

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