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When I first arrived at Acid Mascara I was very pleased with the layout, and of course the picture of Britney Spears. This site was aestheticly pleasing to eye, and gave you a lot of information on the author as soon as you arrived.

This site is not about Britney Spears so do not categories and dismiss it as such. Spears is just the ‘motif’ that 16 year old Kate from Austraia uses for her blog. I liked how the author was very honest with her feelings about herself and others (brutally honest at times), and when I see that I know that the person writing just doesn’t use their blog as an ‘ego’ site. The posts were well written, and easy to understand. There was also a great added bonus; there is a ‘cast’ section on the blog that enables you to learn about the people the author is writing about. This is a great feature, it takes the guess work out for the reader.

I really enjoyed the design of the site and all the added bonuses. There is a webcam, a photo gallery, a guest book, and a very easy tool to email the author. You can tell that Kate knows a thing or two about web design and is able to take what she knows, put it all together, and really make it work.

On the site Kate mentions that this is ‘Version 11’ of Acid Mascara, after reading and seeing what I did I almost felt bad because I had missed out on the previous ten. This site is also best viewed in 800×600 resolution, which is nice, its the most common of all resolutions used. The only disappointment is that I could not find any archives. There was a link to a Live Journal site which didn’t work. I can’t fault the author for that though, that seems to be a problem a lot of Live Journal users have been having. I would categorize this as a teen blog but only because most of her readers are of that age. There is nothing ‘teen’ about the site design though.

All in all, a superbly designed, well written site, with a lot of added bonuses (but not too much as to take away from the writing itself), I liked it a lot, and enjoyed my time there.

Acid Mascara

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