Review 939

I put “Verbal Diarrhea” in the -ADULT- category for the basic fact that you are met immediately with a picture of a fat hairy ass and I wanted to give the reader as much warning for that experience as possible. (thank me later)

Okay and now for the review. *cough*

This site frightens me. I don’t like the twisted and blunt world that is Hasan’s. It’s smoke-filled and smells I’m sure.

Each day you’re met with new antics and such from the blunt and otherwise trashy webmaster who loiters at Verbal Diarreah (and shouldn’t). Most of the entries are slightly entertaining. Hasan can write decently which is a surprising fact indeed.

But first impressions are almost everything. My first impression of this site wasn’t anything special. I envisioned West Virginia and the word “hick” as soon as the page loaded. Judgmental you say? I’m a reviewer folks.

In any case…

The design for Verbal Diarrhea is okay. The writing reflects the man. *sigh* And so this site got a 3.5.Verbal Diarrhea

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