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Thoughts of an Elf is a delightful site that blends interesting linkage with a few tidbits about the writer’s personal life. Each entry is short, sweet, and to the point, usually containing at least one link and, in this case, somehow ties in her personal life to the relevance of said link:

every monday, the boy and his guy friends get to together and sit down to watch wwf raw. on friday the world wrestling federation lost its case against the world wildlife fund for the use of the intials wwf. i have never even heard about the world wildlife fund. whenever i hear wwf, i immediately think of the silly men prancing around in tight clothing pretending to wrestle. it is a soap opera really.

We now know the author has a special someone in her life “the boy.” This is the manner in which she tends to divulge information about herself. For the reader who’s interested in learning more personal details, there are links to the her photo gallery and journal (broken link… hopefully a temporary glitch!)

This site is well laid out. There is a table for the content, which takes up the majority of the window. Other miscellaneous information, such as links, can be found to the left. The color scheme is light blue, with an accompanying winter theme – complete with an animated snowglobe. The archives section dates back to June of 2001.

While reading through a large part of the past entries, I was pleasantly satisfied with the consistency of the content of each entry. The author does a really good job of giving the reader just enough information about her and her interests by means of the sites she links to or by simply throwing out bits and pieces about her. The only problem this presents me the “dilemma” of deciding whether to classify the site as a links or a personal site! Either way, these particular Thoughts of an Elf are most definitely worth checking out.

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