Review 933

Simplicity seems to be the new fad nowadays, and Justin has taken this fad to a very nice looking level with his site design. In just black and white, sans all the bells and whistles, the reader’s attention is adverted straight to the weblog entries.

The life of Justin and his wife Kari is the main focus of “”, with sprinkles of college life and good old fashioned tech-talk thrown in from time to time. Justin writes in a way that’s easily understood and very casual.

The weblog goes back only to Feb 9, when the site was started fresh with a new layout. Any archives that existed up to that point were removed from the site as well.

If you decide to check this site out, be sure and follow the links to “the strip”. These are comic strips that Justin’s came up with on his own, and I’ll guarantee a laugh or two from them.

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