Review 932

I like It’s one of those web logs that leaves you wanting a new entry to be posted. Sort of like watching your favorite show and then seeing a ‘to be continued.’ But my need for instant-gratification shouldn’t be dissatisfied for too long as the webmaster of updates his web log quite frequently.

Sanka, the writer, has a way with words. I never did pick up on where exactly he is from (Greece maybe?) but I do know he isn’t American and for that I’m thankful. (I’m American, and so I can diss me) In any case, he brings you along with him on his daily adventures which he makes seem interesting; upon reflection, I wondered if it had been another person writing about the same situation, if I would have read the whole thing at all. I doubt it. To say the least, Sanka is a good writer.

The design was simple and very effective. I had no complaints.

This web log is excellent. It’s the ideal personal web log and for that it earns itself a

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