Review 930

What a writer! Andrew’s got a great concept going on at Andrew’s Random Notes. It’s a site I would call both educational and entertaining.

He scours the world wide web for news articles he deems noteworthy or interesting and elaborates on those particular articles on a daily basis.

Andrew’s writing is very nice. It’s hard to find the right word to describe it. It’s factual and to the point, yet it doesn’t feel like you’re reading it out of a book. It’s more along the lines of a letter Andrew’s written to the reader elaborating his knowledge on the particular subject at hand.

The site is very well laid out, with an easy navigation system and the exact amount of clarity that a good weblog needs.

Be sure and read the “Site Concept” portion of the site, as it clearly explains Andrew’s purpose and goal with this website.

This is definitely an excellent site to thumb through if you’re looking for opinions about what’s going on in the world. Andrew’s Random Notes

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