Review 928

There are three completely different portions of the site: a weblog, a random story built by reader contributions, and the “nodist network”. No section of the site should be missed.

Erich’s weblog is easy to read much in part to his way of getting straight to the point about whatever he’s talking about. He updates several times a day, giving the reader something to come back to on a regular basis.

The archives for the weblog is set up VERY cleanly, and VERY easy to sift through.

On two different days I visited this site, and I was fortunate enough to get to see two different site designs. Both were equally as enjoyable to look at, and equally as precise with the backend technical “stuff”.

This is a site that would be appropriate and interesting for people of any age to read, and is well worth the time spent reading it. I, for one, am glad I “nodist” Erich’s site.nodist

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