Review 927

Tangmonkey. Just like in the 70s, you can’t go wrong with Tang. Although, this website leaves a much better taste in your mouth than the orangey-type flavored liquid you got with your afternoon snack when you were a kid.

I love this site. While it’s more of a e-zine than an actual weblog, it’s still a site I’d visit every day just to see if a new article had been posted somewhere.

There are several different authors to the plether of writing submissions throughout the different portions of the site. A massively generalized summary of them would have to include the words creative, witty, intelligent, and borderline insane – all of those meant in a good way, though.

Tangmonkey has a Top 10 list that David Letterman can’t hold a candle to. My favorite TM Top 10 List? Top 10 Vowels. Don’t believe me? Check this site out. You’ll be glad you

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