Review 926

This weblog certainly isn’t what I would expect from a high school aged person, but it was a very pleasant surprise!

Basic everyday weblog entries are the norm here, but what rounds the entries out are poems inserted frequently throughout the posts. Some of the poetry comes from Alex’s favorite poets, while there were a few excerpts of some of Alex’s very nice work. Whether it’s poetry or everyday musings, Alex has an easy to read writing style.

The site lacks an “about” page, but makes up for it and then some with plenty of tidbits of information about Alex down the righthand side of the site.

Surprisingly, I found a link to my own personal weblog on Alex’s site that I didn’t know was there until visiting “Black Ink Darkness – Written Impressions” this morning.

This site is one that’s suitable for all ages, and it’s at least worth one visit. If you like Alex’s style, then you’ll definitely be back.Black Ink Darkness – Written Impressions

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