Review 925

There’s no easy way to review a site like The eponymous writer is perhaps the best known of all webloggers; he is champion of web standards, involved in independents day and the ultimate designer resource ALA, and his weblog is a portal into the underbelly of the web programming world.

And yet that isn’t all there is to a site that adds to the inherent value of the web. His glamourous life (here with the correct English spelling), perhaps named with a hint of irony, is some of the most beautiful and touching writing outside of bluishorange.

Outsiders might overlook this site, as I first did when I stumbled upon it four or so years ago. It looks simple, with graphics employed sparingly. A lot of the posts really only cater for those with a real zest for web design. But this is a good thing; like the need for web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman’s daily report proves irresistible.Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

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