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Internet Gossip. Does such a thing exist? Seriously everyone growing up remembers the he-said she-said rumors that always went around. Of course, we believed most of them even though we knew it was just gossip. Even today in our everyday lives we face gossip. So why wouldn’t it exist on the internet?

It does. Internet Gossip is a site for everyone with a weblog to read up on the gossip of the e/n scene. Gossip ranges from “Why People Buy Camgirls Stuff” to flat out insults and wars with big sites. The best way to describe IG is to think of a group of Jr. High kids who are very popular and have their noses in everything and have a disorder where they must talk every second of every minute. The posts are great. They are nothing short of entertaining to say the least.

The best part of Internet Gossip, to me, is that it is what the name of the site says it is. Gossip. Some of it is true, some of it is false. Some of it is made up for pure entertainment. But it is all gossip.

The design of the IG is very clean and simple. The back end uses a program called php-nuke to allow for registered users and comments and what not. There isn’t anything flashy about the design which is nice. Another bonus of IG is that even though it is a big site in the e/n world, there aren’t any annoying links-as-ads that I found. My guess is the reason for this is because the authors don’t care about making money off of their site, they just want to post the gossip.

Overall if you are looking for a new site to get hooked on, here is one for you. If you are bored and you have already read all of your news sites and you are sick of playing online games, check this site out. If you have read all of your weblogs and still are craving more, come to IG. You will not be let down.Internet Gossip

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