Review 922

A nice calming lilac layout, with nice colour coordinated coloured text, which made a nice change from blue! A nice picture at the top, which leads down to a links bar on the left, and the blog next to that. I felt peaceful just looking at it, I liked it!

The weblog is the story of Robyn, 15, and her life. There are links to tell you more about her, with a photo, which gives you insight and makes the site feel more personal. There is also details of how she did the site, and pictures of her previous layouts. Mixed in with some handy links, I found this site interesting. The blog itself is centred around her life and that of her boyfriend Aaron. The blog is interesting, because if you read about her, you seem to feel like you know her.

The design is lovely, and I think that it does the blog justice. The inspiration is based on a song, and I think Robyn has done a good job. The design fits nicely in with the blog, as you get the impression that she is a laid back sort of girl, with a calm head!!!

I think that any sites that have information about the author and an insight into their life is always a bonus, it really makes you feel closer to the person when you know what they look like and what they enjoy from life. I also liked the fact that the information appeared in pop-ups, as opposed to you leaving the blog. There are links to download paint shop brushes and a message board amongst links to fellow bloggers.

If you are of a similar age, I think that you would enjoy reading this site, I must admit that it made me feel alittle old, though it was refreshing to read!! I really liked the design, and Robyn has obviously put in alot of work into creating and maintaining her site. A good read to teens I think!Remarkable

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