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My first impression of this site came with the graphic that you see at the top of the page. The “on the inside looking out” tagline plugged right with the image of a woman looking out a barred window is a pretty powerful statement all in its’ own, and the rest of the site did not let me down.

The title of the site, “Shades of Grey”, describes exactly the physical appearance of the site. Amanda uses black, white, and grey throughout the site and it gives the site a uniform appearance throughout.

A long time webblogger, Amanda’s entries are wonderfully written. The majority of them look as if they’re long, but because of the writing style, the entries read very quickly and I found myself hurrying along to the next to read even more.

This is a very well designed and maintained site all-around. An audience of adults (perhaps 21+ and over?) may find this site more entertaining than teenagers would. However, there’s certainly nothing here that would offend anyone… at least it didn’t me.

I’d definitely suggest checking this weblog out when you have a few minutes to really get involved in some reading.Shades of Grey

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