Review 919

Read the entry made at 8:23 a.m. on Feb 22, 2002. Read it slowly, and visualize. I did this and could picture it exactly the way Amy wrote it. This entry gives you insight to how wonderful the writing is throughout the entire weblog.

Amy claims to have been pulled from the threshold of teenybopper-land recently, and I’ll be one to agree with her. Amy is a high school student, but this certainly isn’t a typical angst-filled teenage blog about who’s wearing what name brand clothes.

The design is simple, yet effective. The several different “extras” within the site give it a great touch.

Like I mentioned previously, the Amy’s writing is great. It’s easy to read, it’s easy to picture exactly what she’s talking about, and it’s easy to become involved in Amy’s life just by reading her weblog.

The only thing I was bummed about with this site was the archives. The link provided only gives the entries for February. Amy mentioned that she’d been blogging for two years, and I would have loved to read the archives. However, I thought this site still deserved a 5.0.InText

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