Review 918

Very fun. That’s what I’d use to describe Mark’s weblog at

My first impression of the site? I absolutely loved the fish at the top. It looked just like a fishtank, and just struck a very good chord with me. It was just enough bright, cheery color there at the top of the site to contrast nearly perfectly with the calmer colors throughout the rest of the site.

The pictures down the left hand side of the weblog are a great addition to the site’s appearance.

A lot of the entries you’ll find on Mark’s weblog are links to sites away from his domain, but I looked through several and found each of them to be very entertaining, as well as interesting.

And when Mark’s weblog entries are the normal updates on his life, they’re all as entertaining and as well written as one could possibly ask for.

I know that I will personally be coming back to this site just to see what Mark’s up to and what kind of fun and interesting links I can find in his weblog

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