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Web Teacher is wonderful. The weblog is dedicated to subject matter relating to web designers and web developers. There is nothing in the weblog posts but links to resources, downloads, and educational materials that would be interesting to those of us who create web sites.

The author has taken the time to search for web authoring info and present it to the visitor in a logical, well-planned manner. All of the links I followed were excellent, many of which I had never encountered in my years on the web. That is a hard task to accomplish, considering the amount of rehashed, advertisement-laden doo-doo out there.

The design and layout are perfect for the type of quick-reference informational site that Web Teacher is. Using valid CSS and HTML (automatic score-raisers in my book), the Web Teacher is a no-nonsense launch point for people needing web design information. Not only does it guide you to excellent resources for building websites, it eximplifies them.

I immediately added Web Teacher to the top of my bookmarks. You will probably want to do the same.

Web Teacher

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