Review 915

Bright. Cheery. Friendly. Those are three words that easily describe this weblog.

Sandee writes about her personal life – the good and the bad – in her very appropriately titled blog, “I Will Survive”.

The author is a cancer survivor, and the majority of the weblog deals with that specific topic. To give an example of how Sandee keeps things as upbeat as possible, she ends each entry with something or someone that she is grateful for.

Since the induction of this weblog at it’s current location, Sandee keeps the reader updated about the daily happenings in her life, and has a crowd of return visitors that regularly comment on each entry.

Sure, unfortunate circumstances have waltzed into Sandee’s life, but just from her writing, she’s managed to find the strength to turn things into as positive of an experience as possible. And that makes reading this weblog uplifting to anyone.I Will Survive-Sandee

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