Review 912

Enter the bubble-ly world of Amy. This ‘Hello-Kitty’ inspired ‘wonderland’ is Amy’s home away from home as it seems. I do hope however that her real home is a little more dreary and a little less bright for the sake of everyone else who dwells there.

I like Amy, who couldn’t? She’s an 18 year old college student, undecided of her major, with a whole lot of spirit.

The design of Amy Vision is nice … If you’re into the whole ‘cheery’ thing, as I’m usually not and wouldn’t give this web log a second thought if it weren’t my job here. In any case, it’s fitting and I really can’t complain. Amy seems to know what she’s doing when it comes to design; she’s even confident enough to offer her web design services for a ‘cheap price.’

Amy’s writing is simple and never quite gets to any kind of uncomfortable depth; just sort of stays above water everyday.

I was waiting for Amy to break out into one of these …

‘Bob said that Julie said that Matt said that Laura asked Michael to say that Bob had Julie pregnant and Matt’s already going with Julie which really isn’t a very good impression on Laura and Michael who’ve been together for years now.’

But thankfully she didn’t quite get that extreme.

hmmm, you know how you can tell if someone is smiling while talking to them on the phone? Well, after reading Amy’s web log, I believe you can do the same thing over the internet. *sighs*

In conclusion…

Amy vision is a nice, happy web log. I would have given her a 5, which she rightfully deserves, but I wanted Amy to experience the insensitivity and unfairness that is life. >=)

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