Review 910

What is EdgeCurve?

From Scott’s (the webmaster) fingers …

“Edge: A penetrating, incisive quality. Curve: A line that deviates from straightness. So EdgeCurve is has a penetrating, deviating quality… Ok, enough of that. The name ‘EdgeCurve’ was simply available. It doesn’t mean much.”

This web log indeed penetrated the thick layers that surround my otherwise insensitive ‘attention.’

This site surrounds a guy named Scott and basically follows his interests from day to day; like any good web log, this one too centers around it’s webmaster. And so it should. Scott is interesting and quite intelligent; I wouldn’t mind knowing the guy.

The design of EdgeCurve is excellently simple while being noticeably original. I personally loved the design.

Scott knows how to write. This is apparent even in the ‘about me’ section. I was kept extremely entertained and have officially added this one to my bookmarks for safe keeping until I can visit again.

Have fun with this one, I gave it a 5. 😉

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