Review 909

Upon entering this site, you have to click through a splash page that has absolutely nothing, but text on the far right hand side. It made me wonder what I was in store for with the rest of the site. And I was pleasantly surprised!

Christine’s weblog is very simply written. In my opinion, she’s just writing to write, and that’s what I think a good weblog is for. “i-cherry” isn’t there to cause any earth-shattering controversy or to expose Christine’s deepest, darkest secrets. But there’s enough personal attachment to the author you gain just by reading that you want to come back to read more.

I’m really digging this whole site.

I’m a huge fan of the color blue, so the layout of this site set VERY well with me. Christine uses several different shades of blue, and they all go together SO very well. Design is definitely a strong point in this weblog.

If you take a peek at this site, which I suggest you do, be sure and fully explore the entire site. It’s definitely worth it.i-cherry

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