Review 908

Perhaps my melancholy mood at the time of this review is what caused me to take such a liking to this site. Perhaps I’m just a darn good judge of incredible writing. I’d like to think it’s the latter. I invite you to judge for yourself.

Billy is 21, yet writes with the heart and soul of a person who’s years his senior. His isn’t a collection of daily today-I-did-this tidbits. Billy shares his feelings and experiences in a kind of lyrical prose that leaves you with goosebumps on your arms:

I’d like to walk down that crowded beach, the three AM winds and the sand at my feet. If only I could share the feeling with more than tiresome words and passing dreams, it’d be the majestic serenade.

You won’t find any entries before February 1, 2002, but the entries available are all thoughtful and articulate.

Lost By an Echo has a very clean, basic, and simple layout that compliments the more complex writing. Having only one image, the loading time is down to a few seconds on a dialup connection. Though a complete archives section is not yet available, one can travel through this site via a “previous” link at the end of each post. The site is searchable and also has a healthy links page.

This journal is the perfect balance of visual ease and mental and emotional stimulation. Visit this site when you have some quiet time to take in everything that’s been shared, and be sure to check back for the archives.

Lost By An Echo

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