Review 904

I like Jillian, she’s young, she’s fun and I officially want to be her friend. Although she seems to have this underlying insecurity-filled thought process, her posts are very good and I was kept quite content and focused while reading them.

The design of Jillian’s World isn’t bad, it’s purple and although I usually hate purple, it seems to fit with Jillian’s personality. And so I accepted it and thought it to be a good design.

Her writing flows which is always important and shows that she is a good writer.

This web log was refreshing as it isn’t all junk and it isn’t all ‘deep’ either. It’s a well-balanced mix that changes with the webmaster’s mood.

I gave this a 4.5 and so I approve this website for favorite lists everywhere. 😉 Enjoy.Jillian’s World

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