Review 900

It seems I too am over-satisfied by nothing. Surely I wasn’t overly satisfied by this web log.

Basically, all of this website is poetry that doesn’t interest me. Maybe it interests someone; possibly even enlightening them to the workings of life. Although I doubt it and it surely did nothing, not a damn thing, for me.

Personally, I don’t like Alexander Zox’s poetry. I had to literally force myself to read the entries and couldn’t help but think about what I did yesterday while I was reading them.

The design isn’t really a design at all. It’s very fitting however, for the writing you’ll find here.

hmm … let me try to make some poetry after reading this website…

Bad site un-bliss, hemorrhoid aching.

Low rating and I’m not skating.

This guy no one is dating.

Hoping no one is making

a trip

to what Zox is creating.

Thank You, Thank You … everyone has now been more entertained than they will be if they visit this web log.I Am Over Satisfies By Nothing!

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