Review 896

Lowmagnet is a site that has highs and lows throughout.

While there are very nice posts that the author elaborates on with opinions and thoughts about the particular topic, there are just as many weblog entries that just direction the reader to a news site to read about current events – no explanation, and no real story as to why the author is sending you in this direction.

This weblog has great potential, because the author does have writing talent that the average reader will be able to grasp and understand.

I wanted more from the design on this site. I can’t put my finger on what exactly would be perfect, but I kept thinking the entire time I was reading through it that with the writing style and clarity the author possesses, a really nice design would definitely compliment the site as a whole.

Due to the fact that I know the talent and potential is there in this site and with the author, I left the weblog wanting more and hoping that, in the future, the site will expand.lowmagnet

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