Review 893

Very busy. That’s what I’d use to describe the entire “U Tha Sucka Sucka” site.

I’m only on a dial-up modem, and loading speed for the splash page and the next page, which contained the weblog, was excruciatingly slow – almost to the point that I’d want to give up on it and go on to the next site.

Once all the graphics are loaded, this site is VERY busy. G.I. Joe graphics, images of wrestlers, Bruce Lee – it’s all thrown all over the page. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason towards it, but it still had somewhat of a decent visual appeal to it.

The weblog entries are few in number. There’s February, and an archived section of November. I do really like how the author starts each entry with “No, I won’t shut up…” – a very humorous touch!

The entries are sometimes very funny – “real” children of the 80s and the luckiest men in the world are two posts that come to mind that made me laugh. Others focus on nWo wrestling, or the author’s personal life – while both are somewhat interesting, they’re both things that I don’t fully understand.

There is definitely some big time talent and a lot of hard work put behind this site. Just because the site isn’t for me doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. U Tha Sucka Sucka

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