Review 885

If you’re looking for a site loaded with information about the internet and the culture surrounding it, .netculture definitely has exactly that.

The creators of the site describe it as “A site were everyone can upload their work and ideas. It is an e-zine that is ultimately built by its users”, and I can’t come up with a better description.

The site is very well laid out, and generally easy to navigate. It’s also a very extensive site.

The writing is very well done on this site. The different articles aren’t necessarily geared towards the general public, but those with even a slight understanding of the internet culture as a whole will find the articles informative as well as educational.

I felt like maybe the archives section could have been easier to navigate through, perhaps through a dated system, but overall the site was all-around excellent.

Bring yourself “closer to the digital spirit” and check this site out..netculture

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