Review 837

This would be your average teen blog. There weren’t any archives so this all based on a few posts. Alex talks about her friends and what she’s doing, where she’s going and so on. From what she’s posted, she just graduated from high school and isn’t quite ready to head off to college and rather just stay back home with her family and friends for a while. She mentioned a few times about some guy who I believe is her boyfriend and her feelings about him and all.

She mentioned she was working on a new layout and her current layout isn’t all that exciting. It’s called “the simple things” that has a black background and white font. First thing I noticed and made me grumble was I saw her posts were all squished to the left-side, justified in a small font in a 1-inch space. The sentences are too close together and she should make it at least easier for her visitor to read her posts.

It’s an okay site. Nothing to really rave about. It would be nice if she posted a little more or had some archives.Hail! To the boy that lived! (terminally screwd) ver. Harry Potter

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