Review 833

I wasn’t too crazy about the layout of this site when it first came up. Singer Brandy greets you on every page, but I’ve never really been a fan of large images of people, especially famous ones on weblogs. The navigation area took me a while even when it was told to me where it was. I think the font should be a bit bigger so it’s more obvious.

So Ross is a 15 year old from Scotland and is the author of the site. I read some of his posts and started to like them since he was pretty straight and to the point with his posts and didn’t go into tons of details about situations. But then the more I read, I noticed that it seemed like he had a hard time staying on one subject which bothered me like this one:

“phew. well, school wasn’t too bad. pe was bleugh as always, but not as bad as it usually is. i’ll add some more reviews soon, i have lots to type up. same for the writings. alex is so lucky – she’s going to a muse concert in november. [envies] recently i’ve been thinking a lot about college.”

I liked his writing, but I think he just needs to expand a little more on his topics so it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to cram a bunch of little things that happened into one short post.

Ross needs to work a little more on his writing, but over all it’s an okay

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