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There’s something so satisfying about visiting a site that presents you with a clean, simple layout that (hopefully) accompanies the top-notch writing contained within. Words@Work is a prime example of this.

Though there aren’t very many entries in this blog, each is worth reading. Bonny is an accomplished freelance writer, and her musings clearly showcase her talent. Her writing is rich and descriptive, bringing the reader along through her memories and daily happenings. Words@Work is a place for this writer to express her frustrations with her job, display her accomplishments, and simply share experiences with the reader. You won’t find juicy gossip or the typical blog memes and quizzes here. My, what a refreshing change of pace!

Red, black, gray, and white are combined in a visually appealing layout with very simple navigation. This site is divided into two sections, “play” and “work.” The blog itself is located in the play section, along with photo pages of her two dogs. As expected, the work section includes information about Bonny’s client list, work experience, a resume, and a listing of awards she’s received. Due to the absence of images, this site loads in a snap, even with my slowpoke dial-up connection. The images of her prized pups seem to have been optimized for the web and load very quickly, as well.

This is a very simple blog. You won’t find the almost expected “about me” or “favorite reads” pages, nor will you be overloaded with content. As mentioned before, the archives section is small enough to read through in one sitting, but I do hope this changes soon.

I recommend this site to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted, articulate read. Though I found nothing to suggest it be kept from younger readers, I believe older readers (twenty-plus) will find the most enjoyment from this site. Words@Work is a delightful change of pace from the norm!Words@Work:PLAY

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